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San Miguel De Allende Guide

Link to actual article: https://www.nicoleisaacs.com/san-miguel-de-allende-itinerary-photo-diary/

I have traveled to so many different parts of Mexico my entire life, but never had been to San Miguel De Allende. This colorful local town is a few hour drive from Mexico City, and when I got invited to experience it for the first time with Azaria Travel, I was excited for the opportunity.

On another note, I am DYING to go to Mexico City and can’t believe I have never been! It’s such an amazing culinary city, and the foodie in me has been itching to go for years. It has an incredible street food scene as well which is very much my vibe. I was going to try and squeeze in a few days to Mexico City when I went to San Miguel, but I thought being in a big city during the pandemic might be risky so I ended up opting out. San Miguel had little to no cases when I went January of this year, and the small town went above and beyond safety measures to keep it that way. The owner of the travel company that invited me had already been there for a month, and said she felt extremely safe there, much more so than being in LA.

Azaria Travel planned my entire San Miguel itinerary and it was epic. They curated it perfectly to give me a well rounded experience and I loved everything that was planned. On top of all the fun activities, I was blown away by the town’s culinary scene- the food was incredible everywhere we went! We had some delicious meals (will list some restaurants below). The colorful and charming town is also known for art and has a big art scene. The cobblestone streets were filled with cool art galleries, “art-deco” hotels and trendy boutiques and restaurants. I was very into all the decor and architecture.

If you plan on visiting, definitely try and hit as many rooftops as you can. San Miguel is a rooftop city and they have so many great restaurants, pools and views of the city on their rooftops!


My biggest recommendation is just to get lost in the streets of San Miguel. Explore, go shopping, eat at the restaurants, get on as many rooftops as you can and just enjoy the charming and colorful streets!




I loved the fact that I experienced three different types of properties while visiting San Miguel. A small luxury boutique hotel, a hotel outside of the city in the middle of a beautiful vineyard, and a larger hotel chain property- all giving me a well-rounded experience. Honestly, I loved all of the properties equally for different reasons.

L’OTEL DOCE-18-I absolutely loved this hotel. A smaller boutique hotel, L’otel Doce 18 felt “Art Deco” and swanky but with a rustic twist. My room was amazing and it had a balcony overlooking the cutest, colorful cobblestone street that I loved to hang out on and watch the locals from above. It also had a fireplace across from the bed which made the room feel cozy. The bathroom was super spacious with two gorgeous showers and a tub. We had a great dinner at their Nomada Pop-Up restaurant in their main courtyard patio, and their breakfast every morning was also delicious. San Miguel is a rooftop city, and this hotel had a really cute rooftop pool as well.

San Miguel rooftop


VINEDOS SAN FRANCISCOWe ventured to the outskirts of the city to Vinedos San Francisco for a few days of relaxation amongst the vineyards. Obviously this was such a different feel than being in the heart of San Miguel, but I loved the option of having both experiences. We ate amazing food, tried some incredible wine, and spent our days on this beautiful property exploring the vineyards, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the spa. You definitely have to experience Cuna De Tierra for lunch in the vineyards. One of my fav meals of the trip!

ROSEWOOD SAN MIGUELConsidered the “best” hotel in San Miguel by most travel outlets, after staying there for a few nights I could see why. This Rosewood property is absolutely stunning. The Rosewood did such a good job staying true to authentic Mexican decor while still exuding luxury and elegance. I have to rave about their “world famous” Sunday brunch. People from all over Mexico travel to San Miguel on Sundays to experience this brunch. It was pretty epic. I addition to their incredible Sunday brunch, all the meals on property were delicious. I highly recommend staying at the Rosewood for a few nights if you are visiting San Miguel.


Every one of these meals was good so you can’t go wrong, but my stand outs were: Nomada Pop-Up for dinner at L’Hotel- it had one of the best aha tuna tostadas I’ve ever had! The Restaurant for lunch (chef Donnie Masterton is so talented) and it has a nice ambiance with a moroccan style courtyard in the heart of town. Cuna De Tierra for lunch was incredible-sitting in the middle of the vineyards and the dishes were made with the freshest ingredients, the flavors were impeccable. The Rosewood Sunday brunch is EPIC and known throughout all of Mexico. One of the best brunches I ever had!





I don’t always have time to plan my own trip, so that is why I love going through Azaria Travel to create travel itineraries for me based on my interests. They really get to know you and what you like to do, and curate trips for you based on that. If you are looking for a travel agency to help plan a trip, I highly recommend setting up a phone call with Dolev at Azaria Travel. Tell her I sent you for a hookup 🙂

You can see more of my San Miguel trip on my story highlights, IG feed, and in my REELS on my Instagram profile @NicoleIsaacs!


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